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We're mixing things up for the remaining days of #12DaysOfCommunityCheer! Contest submissions now take place exclusively via Community so post your entry here. 


It's Day 10 of our holiday promotion for our Lithium community members and @LithiumTech followers! 12 days of giveaways from December 8 through December 23. It's our way of saying a heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers and fans for their support in 2015 and beyond. Full contest details available here.


Day 10 contest question:


Airbnb has you covered wherever you stay! What are the top 3 things that matter the most to you when you’re away from home?


Post your submission in the comments below by 5pm PT today (Monday, December 21) for a chance to win a  $100 Airbnb  e-gift card.


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One lucky winner will be announced tomorrow by 12pm PT on @LithiumTech and on our Lithium community. Check back to find out if you're a winner and get the Day 11 contest question. Good luck!


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Oh, such a good question! My husband and I travel a lot, so we've definitely come to appreciate what makes a good home away from home. For us, it would be:


Proximity to the outdoors. We're the weirdos who just can't enjoy a white sand beach and fruity drinks for more than a few hours, so our vacations always take us hiking or snowboarding. We love Airbnb because it lets us stay a bit more off the beaten path and closer to the stuff we're traveling for! Like Cares Gorge in Spain, which we're hoping to visit in September!




An adaptable space. Given that our vacations are either for hiking or snowboarding, we need a home away from home that lets us do what we need to do whether it's packing for a hike or getting ready for a day of snowboarding. Hotels rooms just don't work for that! When I'm looking for a place for us to stay, I look for spaces that will let us spread out and do what we came to do. I've been drooling over this Airbnb in Oviedo, Spain.




Good food! During our last international trip, we made the mistake of spending half the trip at a place that only had the hotel restaurant and no other food options in walking distance. Fortunately we booked a better place for the second half, but lesson learnt! I've already scouted out the Airbnb mentioned above and it looks like we'll be well fed the entire trip. Smiley Wink

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This would be nice for a getaway, or for a place to stay while I search for an apartment after my upcoming job relocation. Because of the move, I've had the following priorities on my mind:


  1. Safety
  2. Convenience for the purpose of the stay (e.g., stay near the ski slopes if you're skiing)
  3. Amenities (treat yo' self!)


Bonus: It doesn't hurt to find a place with a viewSmiley Happy Here's the last Airbnb place I stayed.



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Here are my top 3:


Location, location, location - It's not worth saving a few dollars for a location that will take longer to get to where I want to be. Time is more valuable than money when you are visiting a place for a limited amount of time.


Cleaniliness - I have stayed in hostels where I would eat off the floor and 4* hotels I have been disgusted by. It doesn't matter if it's a 1* or 5* hotel, there is a level of basic cleaniliness any where I stay should have.


Appropriate bedding and good pillows - If you are making the most of your traveling, you shouldn't be spending too much time in your room, which is why it's important the bed, pillows and bedding are comfortable, because if you are doing it correctly, that's how you will be spending most of the time in your room.


Bonus - Good high-speed internet. You need to get directions and share your photos quickly :)

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Great question - The top 3 things I need when I'm away are: 


1. Wifi- I need it for all my Insta posts,  music, and, of course, Skype to call back home as well as for Netflix ( I can't be too far from my fav shows)


2.  A good location - I need to be close to *everything* - I love exploring and hearing the city sounds of wherever I'm at


3.  A good travel book- Call me old fashion, but I like a hard copy travel guide  book with a map and recommenations. They've always been so helpful!


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Great question! Of course it's different if you're travelling for work or for fun, but this is all fun!


1. Good food! Travelling is all about experiences, and even if I'm only 50 miles from home that starts with the food. What's fresh and available, what are the customs...and of course, food brings people together, so a good meal is also an excuse to get to know people.


2. A place to get out of doors. Sometimes you just gotta breathe the air, whether it's a walk around a city block or a trek through the woods.


3. Being able to unplug. I love being connected as much as the next girl, but I don't want my travel to be spent answering emails. I want to put away the electronics and live in the moment.

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figuring out how to get around - public transportation, cabs, ferries, best shortcuts. Sad, I know, but i feel much more comfortable once I've figured this out.


Meeting a local or two - not just another tourist. It's always great getting to meet locals in new places. gives you a better sense of what that place is all about.


making sure our room is set up for a good night's sleep - doesn't matter if I'm at home or not, sleep is of the utmost importance!!!

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This is awesome- thank you to Airbnb for this amazing opportunity!


When I travel, location is priority. Proximity to horses in particular. I always go to great lengths to make sure to do something equine when I travel. This summer we were in Valencia, Spain seeking out Spain's famous Andalusian horses. Here is one of the amazing horses at Los Robles in Gandia, Spain where I rode through Valencia orange groves and marshlands along the Mediterranean: 
Andalusian horse at Los Robles Hipico (Riding School) in Gandia, SpainAndalusian horse at Los Robles Hipico (Riding School) in Gandia, Spain

Access to rich history is another thing I seek. Here in America, especially on the west coast, the recorded history just doesn't go back very far. In 2007, we traveled central Europe and I really enjoyed Diocletian's 1700+ year old palace in Croatia.

Diocletian's Palace in Split, CroatiaDiocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia

When I travel, oppportunity to take amazing pictures is a third thing I seek. I typically blog or freelance about my experiences and am a firm believer in sharing images (keep a lot on Flickr under this same handle). It's been 7 years since this was taken outside Mendocino, California and it continues to hold the record as best of my rainbow collection:



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And the Day 10 winner of #12DaysOfCommunityCheer is... @JillianB! Congrats on winning a $100 Airbnb giftcard! Hope you can find that perfect Airbnb rental with proximity to the outdoors, an adaptable space, and good food...Enjoy!

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