#OnAirWithLithium: Meet the Community team

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There’s an amazing team working on the front lines and behind the scenes of the Lithium Community to provide its members with all the tools and solutions they need to be successful. 

Did you know the majority of our team members are scattered around the globe and work remotely?  



In honor of #CMAD this week, and because successful community management is rarely the work of just one person, we’re bringing part of our community team together to put them in the spotlight! Come hangout with the team to learn more about who they are, what they do and what they’re working on.  


Unfortunately, our Hangout video was deleted. We're looking to hold more sessions in the future, so stay tuned!




Joe Cothrel - Chief Community Officer

Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

Andy Kaye - Team Lead, Moderation Services

Kenneth Squires Kavanagh - Community Moderator and Administrator

John Dowden - Documentation Guru

Javier Garcia – Customer Support Engineer and Technical Account Manager

Sahana Ullagaddi - Marketing Manager

Brian Oblinger - Strategy Consultant


Got questions for the team? Whether you're curious about their roles, how we manage the Lithium Community or even if you just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you!  


Ask us anything via comments below or tweet us  during the event @LithiumTech using the hashtag #OnAirWithLithium




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Ahhh! How long will the Hangout be? I have a conflict at 9 but absolutely love this idea...

Retired Community Manager

@jchen the Hangout will last an hour ( thanks for pointing that out, I've updated the article) hope you can maybe pop in at some point!

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Q for mod team: how do you hand over moderation info (topics, users to keep an eye on etc) lbetween time zones?

Q for CM:
1) The Lithium Community has sub-communities for devs, CMs, internal: how granular sub communities before it might negatively impact the coherence of the overarching community? Wikipedia shared some interesting observations here.
2) which community user archetype is most common in a community of CMs?

Q to all: Lithosphere or Lithium Community? ;)
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Thanks for letting me know, @JulieH ! Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can catch you guys!


@Claudius , I say Lithosphere! I think @HeyScottyJ would agree Smiley Happy

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I'll do my best to watch this as it such be really good. but got a Los of packing to do as I hope to fly out to NYC tomorrow night "HA, that's a joke with the weather"

lithosphere all the way!!!!!!

one for Joe and Julie - As community managers/professionals what's the biggest challenge "in the role" you've faced,overcome and how? Don't get me wrong I certain you both could provide a solution to any challenge :)

One for mod team - similar to Claudius point. As we consider 24/7 monitoring and support, I'm keen to understand best practise for managing a community that serves every timeline 24/7, how do you effectively manage that and does remote virtual teams help or hinder your success?
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One for john - putting my other "content manager" hat on for a moment what's the best way to calculate the value of TKB articles and really understands what's a winner from whats a dud over the obvious customer comments, is there a straight forward way to calculate value

Last but not least what's the one improvement you would like to see to tkb to make your life easier to achieve the above? "I'd there is one"
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You KNOW @HeyScottyJ would agree, @jchen!

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Question: Why is @HeyScottyJ talking in third person? Smiley Wink


Question for the team: What's one thing you love about what you do?


Also +1 to @Fellsteruk 's question for Joe and Julie.

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@jchen Oof, tough crowd :)


Also another +1 for @Fellsteruk's question about TKB. I think this is a very exciting space.





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Everyone: What are your favorite apps/tools you use to stay organized or increase productivity? 


Everyone: What's your favorite community? 


John + Javier: How do you keep documentation and content updated, especially in large volumes? 


Julie: You have a good team of stakeholders across the company. How did you get buy-in from other departments and what suggestions do you have for other Community Managers looking to do the same? 


Andy: How do you ramp-up new moderators and team members? Do you have documented training or do you do live training for each new moderator? 


For the remote folks: How do you both connect with one another and connect with the company being that you are remote? 


Everyone: What is your favorite community group or resource (i.e. Community Roundtable, CMX, etc.) - if you have one? 


Brian: What's the most complex or complicated problem you've helped a customer resolve and how did you tackle it? 


Javier: Your support team is very involved in the community providing expert answers to your customers. Do you have any suggestions for getting buy-in/participation from the support team on the community for other customers who are looking to do the same?  



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