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Our 2018 Lithosphere Lithy Submission

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Let me tell you a secret: Here at Lithium we love the annual Lithy awards. When our customers show how they build innovative customer experience we are amazed and humbled at the same time. The awesome thing is that we learn something from each of the submissions every year.

So we have decided to share some of OUR community story as well this year. Read our non-competitive “Lithy 2018 submission” below.

After you are finished with ours look at all the other Lithy 2018 entries, read through them and learn something - don’t forget to vote for the ones you like.

I’d love to hear in the comments what you think about our community story and whether you’d have voted for it 😊.

Lithys 2018: Lithium – Lithosphere Digital Design Excellence

Litho logo.png
Company: Lithium

Company background: Lithium helps the world’s best brands build trusted relationships with customers. The 100% SaaS-based Lithium Engagement Platform enables brands to connect customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment.

Contact: Andy Kaye

Title: Community Manager

Relevant URLs: -

Lithy category: Digital Design Excellence

1. What are your digital goals? And how does your community platform support your overarching brand experience?
Lithosphere will be 10 years old later this year and has just had its latest re-design to turn the community into *the* online social destination where Lithium Digital CX experts go to support the needs of our customers, share expertise, and learn from each other. This redesign marks the beginning of a journey towards making Lithosphere a showcase destination of the Lithium Community platform features for customers and prospects alike to be delighted and convinced.

2. What design elements make your community/website/social channels unique and stand out from the rest?
Lithosphere is where our customers go to connect with Lithium experts and employees, ask questions, share ideas, and mobilize their Digital CX teams to create tangible business value using our products. Our focus with this redesign was to create clear paths – both visually and via a simplified structure – to allow our visitors to more efficiently serve their needs. We upgraded to the latest Lithium Community feature versions with all the bells and whistles attached and picked up best practices in CX design patters including a sticky navigation bar, consistently styled navigation tiles as well as a more stringent usage of corporate colour and widget styling.

3. How did you execute your design? Share metrics to prove the success of your design excellence
Taking advantage of Lithium’s own resources, this project was handled completely in house with the help of our professional services team. We initially conducted interviews with a select group of staff from across the company to establish a companywide goal and shared purpose. Once we had that goal established, we then looked at what resources as well as new features were available to us. Working with our design team, we decided to take advantage of an ongoing project to create a community experience catering more to a support use case. We identified a few additional innovative custom features – community landing page “ICYMI” hero module, a filterable message list, biography in profile - which were implemented together with the application of the Lithium styling.

We continue to work on more improvements, but are very proud of what we’ve been able to put together!


  • 123% increase in m-o-m page views (190% y-o-y)
  • 57% increase in post volume
  • 90%+ increase in kudos given


Remember, voting ends on the Lithys tomorrow (31st), make sure you get your vote in while you still can.

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