Outvisioning the “Visionaries”: The New Gartner Social CRM Magic Quadrant is Live!

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This is that moment in time when grown men and women argue about the position of small dots within a 2x2 grid. Oh, to be Gartner, dealing with vendor pleas and posturing, dismissals and despair, and distribution without proper approvals. Sadly, the MQ can provoke people behaving badly. 


It’s a form of flattery for Gartner, as a sign these reports have real weight.


Brands rely on Gartner for separating fact from fiction and highlighting which vendors can deliver on the proposition they are searching looking for. In a full 30% of the win/loss research we do, our prospects and clients cite that they relied on the Magic Quadrant in some form during their evaluation. (And if you do too, you can find the newly published 2012 version on our site here.) 


In this new 2012 Gartner MQ for Social CRM, Lithium is proud to be positioned in the Leaders quadrant—a position reflecting our ability to execute and completeness of vision. The playing field has dramatically changed.


As the MQ report outlines, the market continues to go through massive consolidation, as players clamor to get where we are placed. We’ve run fast to maintain this position, even as competitors have thrown billions of dollars after it. 


Here’s how we’ve done it:


  • Continued to demonstrate the excellent financial results clients are achieving
       This isn’t keynote candy, this is about real outcomes

  • Strengthened our portfolio around use case solutions for support, marketing & innovation
       Brands aren’t looking for a generic platform that does everything

  • Stayed 100% focused on the social customer and an ‘outside in’ perspective
       This focus has served us well and our expertise helps us get clients to success

  • Thoughtfully integrated social initiatives on Facebook and Twitter into a core social customer experience on brand domains
       It’s the customer, not internal collaboration, that will transform the enterprise

Lithium customers: you were both the starting point and the punchline of our story. When I am thankful for this report, I am thankful to people like Bridget Dolan at Sephora and Lois Townsend at HP, and Jared Young at BarclayCard and Robbie Hearn at giffgaff and all the true Lithium Heroes which combined their vision with our platform to make it sing.  


To Lithium Engineering, Product Management, Technical and Customer Success teams: Rock on! You build a platform that customers can take in new exciting directions and you make their success personal. I am incredibly proud of the fact that the MQ reflects a shared victory for us all. Share in our excitement: Download the report here. 


And finally, congratulations to our cohabitants of the Leaders Quadrant. But don’t get too comfortable…IT'S GAME ON.



katy_keim.pngKaty Keim is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lithium Technologies. She is a frequent contributor in the Social CRM Matters blog.


On the Lithosphere she is KatyK. Or you can find her on Twitter @katykeim or at her blog, BookSnob


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