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Quick Reply - Jake's Favourite Feature!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

PaulGillihamProfilePaul Gilliham is Lithium's Director of Customer Marketing,  responsible for customer engagement marketing, social media and Lithium's own community, the Lithosphere.


He is a regular blogger for Lithium and in the Lithosphere you'll see him as PaulGi. You can follow him on Twitter at @lithosphere or @bladefrog



Our own Jake R's favourite feature is now available on the Lithosphere. With our upgrade to v9.10 we enabled 'Quick Reply' in the forums this weekend, to let you speed through fast responses.


You'll see the new 'Quick Reply' button at the bottom of posts, right next to the 'Accept as Solution' and regular 'Reply' buttons.


Where 'Reply' loads up a full reply page, giving you full access to formating, attaching files etc, the 'Quick Reply' function opens a simple text box right there in the same screen and gives you the ability to write a quick response to a post, without having to leave the page. Hope you find it useful.


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