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Recap: Lithium SoCal Meetup on 8/17

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Community and social media experts from Alteryx, JustFab, Magento, Petco, Symantec, and Tealium attended the gathering to participation in a roundtable discussion about gamification, community best practices, and social trends. I had the pleasure of kicking off that roundtable by discussing the latest gamification craze, Pokemon Go, which Dr. Wu recently wrote about.





Here are some of the valuable tips that were shared amongst the group:

  • When launching a community, focus on acquisition, onboarding and engagement within the first three months.
  • Build your ranking formulas so that they will spur engagement. Include metrics for posts, replies, kudos, etc.
  • Do NOT share your ranking formulas/criteria publicly, but do share the rank levels so your users know what they are working toward.
  • When using badges, be sure to focus on a specific skill or behavior, unlike ranking formulas which take into account multiple behaviors.
  • It’s possible to tie your badges to external behavior, such as completing a training program or certification.
  • Be aware of what people are already motivated by and what they aren’t. You’re encouraging them to do certain behaviors, so you want to make sure you’re rewarding them on those motivating behaviors.
  • You can gamify the registration process by gamifying profile completion. Show a widget that lets the user know what still needs to be done to have a complete profile.


These were only the highlights of the conversation. After the roundtable, @DeniseJ hosted a Q&A with @BrianOblinger, VP of Community & Support at Alteryx. Brian shared the positive outcomes from utilizing Lithium Reach for his social strategy and integration with their community initiatives. Check out our interview with Brian from the Lithium CX Files.





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