Rogers Becomes the World’s 1st Telecom Provider to Offer Customer Support via Facebook Messenger

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

“We wanted to go where our customers were- it’s that simple. For us, we’re platform-agnostic. Social is social. We’ll serve you on the social channels that matter most to you. Facebook Messenger happens to be one of those channels.”

 - Danielle Kovac, Director, Office of the President, Rogers Communications




Want to learn how Rogers launched their first-on-the-market customer support via Facebook Messenger, bringing their customers the best self-service globally? By leveraging Lithium Response, they successfully integrated Facebook Messenger and have already driven astounding results such as reducing their response time by 66% (from 45 minutes to 15 minutes) across all social channels (not to mention a huge increase in CSAT!).


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