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Seamlessly Manage Customer Service at Scale on Twitter

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Customer service on Twitter has grown an impressive 2.5x over the last two years.


It should not come as a surprise to brands that customers are increasingly turning to social media as their channel of preference to resolve their issues quickly and seamlessly.


As social media becomes a high priority customer service channel for brands, and the preferred communication channel for customers, it becomes all the more important to be able to manage social conversations at scale. We recently announced Lithium Social Web’s integration with Facebook’s Business Messenger, making us the first social customer service platform that allows social care agents to initiate a private response directly and privately with a customer.


Today we are excited to share two advanced platform integrations with Twitter that allow our customers to further manage social customer service at scale:


Seamless public to private conversations

This new integration includes the ability for brands to let the customer to seamlessly transition Twitter conversations from public to private, making it easier for brands to take conversations offline to gather more information or diffuse a situation more privately. In Twitter, agents can include a custom URL that links users directly to a Direct Message conversation with the brand, allowing end-users an easy way to send private messages to brands.


Collect customer feedback in real time

Additionally, in a further expansion of our analytics portfolio, in the coming weeks LSW will also support Twitter’s new Customer Feedback capability, giving brands the ability to initiate a survey to customers in-channel and extract Net Promoter Score (NPS®) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data. The ability to tie NPS® data with social channels provides customer care agents with a new way to demonstrate ROI. For example, one beta customer saw a much higher Net Promoter Score SM for their social channels, compared to other support channels.


These features will allow for an equally seamless experience for both brands and customers.


Is your team fully harnessing social for powerful customer care? Download a complimentary copy of our latest eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service Success in 2016” to learn more.

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