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Sneak Peek: Defining your path with the Khoros Customer Engagement Maturity Model

Khoros Staff

Customer engagement often feels overwhelming. Customer engagement teams are awash with people, content, and competing objectives. As a result, many teams find themselves in a reactive position. Most teams have a good sense of their overarching goals; the struggle is how to define the path towards that goal. The Community Roundtable’s State of Community Management 2019 found that 70% of programs do not even have an approved roadmap and 76% cannot measure their strategy. 

The lack of clarity is understandable. Customer engagement creates a tyranny of the urgent. The real time feedback makes everything feel world-shakingly important. In the absence of a roadmap, how can a team prioritize what they work on? This is all before we consider the complexity of the cross-departmental nature of customer engagement. Marketing and Care are converging, and the clarity between where community, social care, and social marketing begin and end is gone. Thankfully, the focus has shifted to the holistic customer experience. 

It’s not a particularly astute analogy because it’s baked into the term itself -- but think of what the term ‘roadmap’ implies. It’s guiding you to a destination. It’s a statement of intent, and a framework to make decisions within. Imagine a roadmap like the directions you would receive from a navigation app. You need two inputs in order to tailor that map to your reality. You need to provide your destination, and your current location. Then, and only then, can you be given actionable steps to reaching your goal. Many brands struggle to create roadmaps because they’re missing one, or both, of these inputs -- where am I today and where do I want to go?


The Customer Engagement Maturity Model is focused on summarizing Khoros’ experience and expertise into a tool that provides a shared language to guide a brand’s entire customer engagement journey -- not just your community, care, or marketing initiatives, but the entirety of online customer engagement. It’s a tool to help you become All-Ways Connected to your customers by helping you define your customer engagement goals, and then assess your current capabilities in order to prioritize areas of focus. 

The Khoros Customer Engagement Maturity Model was constructed on nearly 20 years of experience working with brands, distilled into six dimensions. Three of the dimensions are focused on connection with customers (brand to customer). Three of the dimensions are focused on internal connection (the brand with itself). Each dimension has five stages of maturity. These stages have indicators that are intended to give you a sense of where your brand might place in the framework. 


Ultimately, this model is a way for us to establish a shared strategic language with you and to give you the tools you need to do the same within your organization. We will distill the expertise within Khoros so everyone you work with from our teams can help you understand the internal investments and transformation needed to evolve your business, guide you to greater success and ultimately benchmark yourself against your peers. 

This is an early peek into the Khoros Customer Engagement Maturity Model. We are still hard at work, and look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks. If you’re attending Engage, join us for the Maturity Model workshop. You can see the agenda here. Stay tuned to the community for more information!

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