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Social CRM Virtual Summit Expert Profile: Matt Goyer, Redfin

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


On November 11th, Lithium is hosting the largest online conference for social media and CRM professionals at the Social CRM Virtual Summit. The change brought about by the social media revolution has impacted every area of industry, including how customers choose to interact with companies and each other online, particularly where they turn for trusted information.


vscrm_logo_sample.pngThis virtual summit comes at a time when companies are starting to see tangible financial results from deeper online engagement with customers, and will explore the current capabilities of and future for Social CRM.

With webcasts by Social CRM thought leaders and live chats with industry experts and practitioners, the Virtual Summit will be a ground breaking event. Remember you can still sign up for the event here, and jump into the conversation on Twitter using #vscrm. 

To introduce you to the experts presenting at the event, we’ll be running a series of mini profiles here in the Lithosphere.


Expert:  Matt Goyer, Director of Online Marketing, Redfin


Matt Goyer is the Director of Online Marketing for Redfin - the industry's first online brokerage for buying and selling homes, self described as half Century 21 and half E-Trade. The Redfin Real Estate Forums help house hunters and agents talk about the process of buying and selling property and let them get information and advice from people who are going through or have completed the process.


He will be hosting an online chat session with other experts on how you can successfully integrate community into your social activities and what it really means for their businesses.


Q:  What got you involved in community and/or social media to begin with?

My first online community experience was with BBSes back in the pre-Internet days; I even ran my own for a few years. In 2000, I started blogging but recently my personal blogging has slowed as my Twitter usage has increased. However, I still actively write for a blog I started about Seattle condos, named Urbnlivn.


Q:  What are you currently working on?

Thinking about how we (Redfin) can create local online communities in every market we’re in by getting Redfin agents on board with Twitter and Facebook.


Q: What is a big community topic on your mind at the moment?

Scaling the community. Real estate discussions can be very polarizing. There are those who are convinced the market has crashed enough and those who think we haven’t yet hit bottom. As our community has grown the debates have raged more and more.


As more people join our community we’re struggling to moderate the discussion ourselves and quickly need to figure out how to involve  more community members in helping us keep the discussion civil, but yet still open.



If you want to follow Matt on Twitter, his id is @mattgoyer. You can follow Redfin too at @redfin.