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Social CRM Virtual Summit Expert Profile: Phil Soffer, Lithium

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

On November 11th, Lithium is hosting the largest online conference for social media and CRM professionals at the Social CRM Virtual Summit. The change brought about by the social media revolution has impacted every area of industry, including how customers choose to interact with companies and each other online, particularly where they turn for trusted information.


vscrm_logo_sample.pngThis virtual summit comes at a time when companies are starting to see tangible financial results from deeper online engagement with customers, and will explore the current capabilities of and future for Social CRM.

With webcasts by Social CRM thought leaders and live chats with industry experts and practitioners, the Virtual Summit will be a ground breaking event. Remember you can still sign up for this event, and jump into the conversation on Twitter using #vscrm. 

To introduce you to the experts presenting at the event, we’ll be running a series of mini profiles here in the Lithosphere.


Expert:  Phil Soffer, Vice President-Product Marketing, Lithium Technologies


vscrm-philsoffersml.jpgPhil Soffer is Vice President of Product Marketing, where he is responsible for the direction and marketing of Lithium’s expanding Social CRM product line. A four-year Lithium vet, he has also run engineering and product management.

Phil will be hosting an online chat session on how community and customer networks can dramatically improve the effectiveness of word of mouth / social marketing campaigns.


Q:  What got you involved in community and/or social media to begin with?

I had an Apple II computer in the early 1980s and with my modem I visited a lot of the bulletin board systems that were online at the time. Only one person could log in at once, but you could get a pretty thriving community going on. It didn’t take long to get from there to Usenet, to the Web, to enterprise portals…. and now here we are!


Q:  What are you currently working on?

I am doing some thinking and writing about the future of social CRM – the merging of the traditional customer relationship discipline with the modern social tools at our disposal.


Q: What is a big community topic on your mind at the moment?

I am thinking about how word of mouth spreads through a community and how we can help customers who want to optimize that – we just released a white paper on how customer networks can impact the effectiveness of a WOM campaign, and it really opens a whole new avenue of opportunity for marketers.




If you want to follow Phil on Twitter, his id is @phsoffer, and on Lithosphere watch out for PhilS






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