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Social CRM Virtual Summit Expert Profile: Wesley Reynolds, National Instruments

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


On November 11th, Lithium is hosting the largest online conference for social media and CRM professionals at the Social CRM Virtual Summit. The change brought about by the social media revolution has impacted every area of industry, including how customers choose to interact with companies and each other online, particularly where they turn for trusted information.


vscrm_logo_sample.pngThis virtual summit comes at a time when companies are starting to see tangible financial results from deeper online engagement with customers, and will explore the current capabilities of and future for Social CRM.

With webcasts by Social CRM thought leaders and live chats with industry experts and practitioners, the Virtual Summit will be a ground breaking event. Remember you can still sign up for this event, and jump into the conversation on Twitter using #vscrm. 

To introduce you to the experts presenting at the event, we’ll be running a series of mini profiles here in the Lithosphere.


Expert: Wesley Reynolds, Group Manager - LabVIEW R&D, National Instruments


vscrm-Wes 151x151.jpgWesley Reynolds is a group manager for National Instruments’ LabVIEW Research and Development team . As part of the R&D team he uses NI’s community generated ideas as a major source of input for the development cycle.


He is co-hosting an expert chat session with Laura Feeney, also of NI, talking about how crowd sourced innovation can be harnessed in a community.


Q:  What got you involved in community and/or social media to begin with?

We were looking for more innovative, reliable ways to allow customers to provide input on what further changes we should make to our already very mature and feature-rich LabVIEW development application. We currently had many different channels for an individual user to provide a feature request, but we couldn't reliably gauge whether this was a one-off request, or if lots of other users would rally behind certain ideas more than others.


NI launched the Idea Exchange where users could propose and vote-up ideas they liked, and I was tasked to help manage R&D resources to select top-user-voted ideas and go about actually putting those into the application. It gave us and our customers a lot of confidence that we were spending our R&D resources on the right things.

Q:  What are you currently working on?

As always, I'm working to further innovate and improve our LabVIEW software product, and that means a lot of input from the community.


Q: What is a big community topic on your mind at the moment?

Crowdsourcing and "asking the cloud" for advice. Both on a personal level and a corporate, user-involvement setting.



Watch out for Wesley on the NI Forums, his user id is WesReynolds.




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