Social Customer Service at Scale on Facebook with Business Messenger

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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Facebook has become a prime location for brands to market their products and services, and now with additional communication features for Pages there are new ways for businesses to establish stronger relationships with their customers.


That’s why I’m so excited to announce Lithium Social Web (LSW) is the first social customer service platform that allows social care agents to initiate a private response directly to a user’s Messenger inbox from a public comment on the brand’s Page. This allows for faster customer service interaction, and makes it easier and more convenient than ever before for brands to shift from public to private channels and engage with customers over Business Messenger – the speed of social combined with the privacy of a secure 1-to-1 conversation. Also, with this latest update to LSW, agents can now hide inappropriate and off-topic comments to posts, preserving only relevant and helpful content on the brand's Page.


These enhancements greatly simplify the workflow for social agents, let them scale their customer efforts on Facebook, and make it easier for customers to get their questions answered. It also ensures that the right content stays front and center on the brand's Facebook Page. Plus, given that the responses are managed within LSW, brands can incorporate these interactions into existing analytics and reporting workflows.







I admit it’s not easy trying to be on multiple channels at once and responding to your customers in real-time. But with the right tools in place – which we’re striving to provide – and the right strategies for making sure you address customer inquiries, you can turn detractors into advocates for your brand and expand your Total Community of customers.


Any questions on these new features, drop me a note in the comments.


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