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Some Goodies Lined Up for the Platform

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

author_manjeera_256x144_color.pngManjeera Patnaikuni is a Product Manager for Lithium Technologies. She is responsible for the End User Facing Features of the platform.

You can follow her on Twitter at @Manjeera 





Hello Lithosphereans! We have quite a few goodies lined up for you in terms of new features. I’d like to take the opportunity to let you in on two of the new feature enhancements coming up in the next couple of releases.


So let’s get started and take a sneak peak into what’s in store.


Unread Discussions

unread1.jpgFor users who visit the community often, we’ve made it really easy to keep track of all the discussions that are yet to be read by the logged in user.


Rather than sifting through all boards finding new content, you can now do it in one place.


It’ll save a lot of time, especially for moderators and super users who want to keep up with the latest activity in the community.

But wait... there's more!


There will also be a way to switch between discussion mode (thread view) and posts mode (message view) so you won’t be inundated with new messages for a discussion flooding the first page.


unread2.jpgThanks to Lithosphere user ‘Potential’ for the great idea and ‘jloyless’, ‘Laura’, ‘alissa’ and ‘Ryan’ for adding more meat to it. Keep the great ideas coming folks!



Autosave Drafts

autosave.jpgPicture this.... You just spent hours crafting your new entry, only to see it disappear due to an accidental page load or just because your computer froze on you? I think we have all suffered from this at some point.


Well, not anymore!


All forum and blog posts will now have an Autosave function so your posts are automatically saved every few seconds. The time limit will be configurable by the community admin) so you don’t have to explicitly click the ‘save as draft’ button for blogs either.
As always, if you have product ideas let us know on the Lithosphere, by logging your suggestion in the Idea Exchange.

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