Tag, you're it! + Docs

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

In response to a number of requests we've received, we're about to introduce multi-word tagging so that community members can use phrases as tags instead of just single words.


This new feature adds one more check box to the Tagging Settings: Turn on Multi-Word Tags. That's all there is to it from the administration side.


For community members, we have updated FAQs that describe the new tagging feature and explain how you can tell whether a community uses one-word or multi-word tags.


The secret is in the prompt that community members see when they click in the Add Tag box.


  • If your community allows only one word tags, you see this prompt: Use spaces between tags.
  • If your community allows multi-word tags, you see this prompt: Use commas between tags.


That's all there is to it.


PS: If you want to migrate existing tags that contain underscores to separate words, you can easily replace the old form with the new one. See the attached Tagging Guide for more information.