The Doc is in! Join Dr. Wu for This Exclusive Webcast: Transforming Your Digital Customers - Beyond Engagement

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Join us for our upcoming webcast, "Transforming Your Digital Customers - Beyond Engagement," with Lithium’s Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Wu (@MikeW)!



"Conversations happen on social media but people still just approach it by acquiring and then monetizing. Digital acquisition is strange, you can’t keep what you acquire." – Dr. Wu


Although brands today recognize the need to engage, and many are starting to get the hang of social media engagement, few of them understand the need to engage to sustain monetization. They need to fully embrace the power of enlistment-- the most critical component of a positive feedback loop that helps brands scale and sustain their social efforts. Without a sustainable enlistment strategy, brands are not realizing the full potential of social media.


In this session, Lithium’s Chief Scientist, Michael Wu Ph.D will:

  1. Highlight the similarities and differences between engaging and enlisting customers.
  2. Demonstrate the value and ROI of customer enlistment.
  3. Provide a model for you to understand the power of enlistment that you can use to transform your digital customers—beyond engagement.


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We’re back- by popular demand- with a registration contest! 


The 100th registrant wins:

Dr. Wu’s famous glasses and cap! Dr. Wu is well-known not only for his brilliance in the field of data science, but also for his signature ensemble, the 'Wu' glasses and  Kangol cap. In the spirit of living the full 'Wu experience,' the lucky 100th person to register will win a set of Dr. Wu's signature items. 



Dr. Wu's fans in costume at LiNC'15



Our  200th  registrant will win a    Boombotix Boombot REX Wireless Ultraportable Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker for iPods, Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. 




Winners will be announced live during the webcast, so be sure to attend for your chance to claim your prize!


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