The Lithium Social Web Download – October 2015 Edition

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We’re officially entering the holiday season and the Lithium Social Web (LSW) team is kicking it off with a bang. We’re so excited for what’s to come, but let’s take a minute to look back at October 2015.


October was a big month for the LSW team and the LSW Download for October gives you all the info you need to guarantee that you’re up to speed on the latest and greatest.


Total Community: If you attended LiNC 15, you saw Rob Tarkoff unveil our Total Community vision and we now have a supplemental whitepaper that details everything you need to know about building a Total Community. The whitepaper dives into how Total Community helps brands connect, engage and understand their audiences across digital. Find out the benefits of extending LSW into a Total Community approach by downloading the whitepaper here.


TAR SLA and Monitor Wall Alerts: There’s no doubt that response times are critical for the ultimate social care experience. With new LSW alert features rolled out in October, agents will stay ahead of spikes and help manage workloads in order to meet Response Times goals. Specifically, TAR SLA Alerts enable agents to set up real-time alerts and be notified when teams are falling behind their goals, before TAR SLA goals for the day are at risk. LSW also now has Visual Alerts for Monitor Walls, which allows agents to set up alerts for Incoming Post and TAR SLA widgets on your Monitor Walls. When an alert is triggered, a notification appears at the top of the Monitor Wall and the widget that is in an alert state is highlighted.


LSW Helps You Cut Through the Noise: The key to competitive advantage (and great customer service) is often all about how clearly you can see the big picture before it becomes a crisis, or before your competitors do. So, how can you gain a clearer image of what’s trending among customers for your brand? Check out our latest POV blog on the topic here.


Customer Spotlight: Find out how British Gas, the 2015 Lithy Award winner for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, turned around their social customer service with Lithium Social Web (LSW), managing more than 800 direct conversations a month on social with a response time of 2.5 hours or less—while still maintaining a positive brand sentiment. Read more at: Success Story: British Gas Excels at Social Care with LSW.


Tip of the Month: Twitter removed the 140 character limit on Direct Messages in August, which means it’s more convenient to fit a full conversation into one thread. So, what does that mean for social care and how should you navigate this change in regards to LSW? Dave Evans provides a great overview of what you should do – including: Get engagement right, operate 24X7 and provide real answers. Check out all of Dave’s tips here.


In time for the holidays, download our free eBook: 7 Customer Service Strategies For The Holiday Rush






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