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The Value of Total Community for You

Khoros Staff

Your Total Community includes everyone who interacts with your brand: your customers, employees, and business partners. What if you could harness the power of that collective knowledge and expertise to provide a consistently amazing customer experience? In this session I'm going to show you how Lithium’s Total Community approach enables and extends your ability to connect, engage with, and respond to customers to:

  • Improve margin by reducing the cost to serve
  • Enhance satisfaction by facilitating customer-led innovation
  • Drive revenue by enhancing sales and lead conversion


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Building for Total Community


Customers engage with both brands and each other in conversation before, during, and after purchase. So businesses have an obligation to respond, to be present, and to participate throughout the journey, from interested prospect to loyal advocate. And that participation goes well beyond marketing and customer care, too. It involves your entire organization. Customer experience is truly “everyone’s job.”


Customer experience is both defined by and reflective of the entire set of stakeholders that influence, enable, and support your brand, product, or service. It’s your customers, to be sure, but it’s also your employees, your supply chain, and the policy makers that impact your industry. That can be a lot to get your head around, so here’s a tip: start with your employees. The employees of an organization –beyond marketing and customer care--play a role in creating customer experience.


Connecting employees to customers makes business sense. The trick is, of course, actually connecting them: too many organizations are still built around skill specialization and defined disciplines rather than collaborative interaction. The result? A front-line (aka, “customer care”) that literally shields the organization from customers, combined with a publishing side—marketing—that shapes and defines the brand, providing the initial attraction that leads to purchase.


Predictably, firms so segmented—intellectual walled gardens, if you will—fail to tap the locked-up knowledge of the complete organization, knowledge that can be used to ensure the steady realization of customers so satisfied that they begin advocating for brand, product or service. Beyond margin enhancement, as customers shift from phone-agent-led resolution to peer-based solution co-creation and validation, adoption of an organization-wide “Total Community” engagement strategy can bridge not only customer care and marketing, but ensure that everyone in the company feels part of each customer’s superior experience


The takeaway is this: social media marketing and customer care are clear first steps, but to consistently deliver great customer experiences, to "create a competitive advantage," you’ve got to get to the hard work of re-engineering your organization for collaborative interaction with customers. By connecting across your firm — by tapping your total community — you can go further faster than you ever thought possible. It’s the power of customers, combined with the power of employees. Tap it.




Join the Discussion 


Want to learn more about the value of Total Community for you? I'll go in-depth and give you a chance to ask your questions. Join the webcast-- Thursday, December 10th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Register here.


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