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The new mobile!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)




If you weren't able to catch us at LiNC '13 this year, the above picture is our very own VP of Products Jeff Spitulnik showing off our cool new t-shirts during their great presentation about where we are and where we're going with mobile.


The reality though, is that I'm really excited and probably more maniacal than needed about the awesomeness that we're envisioning for our pending next generation mobile solution. 


Granted our current solution is still pretty solid, we're looking to make it even better! Customers that are enabling mobile are still experience high growth rates in their mobile traffic and usage. However, we want you all to reach even more mobile users and thus allow you to provide the best possible rich community experience you can offer to your users.


Right now in this experimentation and prototype phase we're feverishly working hard on thinking how can we maximise the experience from the ground up and thus making sure this new update is more than a shallow user interface update.


With our blinders on, our main objectives are to:

    • easily allow you to provide a more engaging & branded social experience
    • allow your users to create, view & respond to posts on smartphones and tablets in a much richer experience
    • enable your super fans to produce content throughout the day & continue to help keep the community healthy
    • allow you to easily create highly customized mobile communities quickly


All in all we've listened to all your feedback in addition to thinking up some great new interaction styles. To start we're planning on targeting the new powerful media centric smart phones that will allow us to really take advantage of many new HTML5 features that your users have come to expect. In addition to good looking and modern UI transitions, this will also work to speed up performance dramatically.



If you're excited and interested about knowing how can you get the new mobile onto your community please contact Support or your Account Manager to find out if you fit the criteria for the early participatory program. 


Have a great weekend!







Vincent Baskerville is the Product Owner for Lithium's Mobile Products. In this role, Vince tracks market trends and customer needs to help define, refine, design, and drive Lithium's products for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Vince joined Lithium in 2012 from a mobile language translation tool company he co-founded. Vince has notable experience with mobile products, is a skilled user experience designer, and has provided a range of consulting engagements and public speeches on product design, usability, and software development methodology. You can connect with him on twitter.





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