‘Tis the Season of Total Community: Celebrate #12DaysOfCommunityCheer

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Who’s ready to spread holiday cheer and win some awesome prizes?


This holiday season we’re excited to announce a new holiday promotion for all of our @LithiumTech Twitter followers and Lithium community members through 12 days of giveaways, starting Tuesday, December 8 and ending Wednesday, December 23.


It’s our way of saying a heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers and fans for their support in 2015 and beyond. As you know, we take our customers’ success personally and with this promotion, we hope to spread some holiday cheer and joy.


The #12DaysOfCommunityCheer promotion is a fun way to show your trivia smarts and creativity on “all things” digital marketing and social media with a holiday spin. It’s also your chance to win some incredible prizes. Like what, you ask? We’ll be giving away daily prizes like a GoPro camera, a Fitbit, and $100 gift cards for 12 business days straight!


So how do you sign up and win?


The details are below and we can’t wait to see your entries.




Who: This is open to all our @LithiumTech Twitter followers and Lithium community members. So, if you’re not a community member or you’re not yet following us on Twitter –take care of that now and sign up!


When: Promotion starts on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 9am PT and ends Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 5pm PT (12 business days; weekends are excluded).


What: For 12 days, Lithium community members and @LithiumTech followers have the chance to win prizes – such as a FitBit, a GoPro camera, a $100 worth of Brooks Running gear, a $100 in AMC movie tickets, and a $100 eBay gift card to name a few. One lucky winner out of all the entries during the promotion period will win a complimentary pass to LiNC 2016! We will post questions on the Lithium Community and/or @LithiumTech using #12DaysOfCommunityCheer by 9am PT each business day of the promotion period. Followers must respond as directed by 5pm PT that same day. A Lithium judging panel will determine the winner each day – based on creativity (50%), social engagement of the submission (30%), Klout Score (10%), and speed of response (10%). The daily winner will be announced the next business day by 12pm PT. 



  • Lithium Community: For the first 6 days: Contestants must go to our community each day to find out the trivia question or task and then tweet their answer @LithiumTech
  • @LithiumTech: For the last 6 days: Contestants must get the trivia question or task from @LithiumTech and post the answer on our community


How: It’s easy. Simply post your daily answer to the Lithium Community and/or @LithiumTech. Be creative. Show us your sense of humor. Prove your digital knowledge. And be quick to respond!


It all starts Tuesday, December 8—have fun!


Contest questions:


Read the Official Rules here.


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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Awesome stuff!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Looking at that GoPro!!!!

Honored Contributor

 @EddieMc Are you sure you don't mean that Fitbit Smiley Very Happy

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Would love both!!!
Honored Contributor

Love this promotion and how it showcases Lithium customers and their products at the same time :)


Will have to skip the Twitter portion unfortunately as I'm currently in a country that blocks Twitter access. Looking forward to make up for it in the "community days" part :D

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Never heard of VPN @Claudius ;)

Frequent Commentator

Greetings Janice and Team L,


This effort is making a busy time of year a little bit lighter- thanks for hosting and gathering sponsors. Which part, for those of us who are curious, of the winning scoring is not being left to data analytics?


creativity (50%)

social engagement of the submission (30%)

Klout Score (10%)

speed of response (10%)


Yes, we want to know if you have analytics that measure creativity. ;) And we want to know who is defining what's creative? The meaning of life while you're at it would be fun too (just kidding). Sorry if I dipped into the secret sauce somehow...

Honored Contributor

Do I get bonus points if I post from Lithium HQ next week? :)

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @vampituity,

Glad you're enjoying the contest! We wish we had analytics to measure creativity- stay tuned for when we develop that! Our Lithium team of judges (a very creative bunch!) is defining what's creative. We will be sure to add a discussion about the meaning of life when we convene next :)


Thanks for participating! 8 more days of fun ahead!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CyJervis- we don't have bonus points as part of the scoring methodology, but if you're at HQ, our quick wifi should help with your speed of response (10%)! 


See you next week & thanks for participating!

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