Today is the Day to Celebrate Your Community Managers

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It’s not often we celebrate specific roles within an organization. So it speaks volumes that Community Managers have a day dedicated to their contributions. In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, we want to give our thanks for the huge impact community managers have on their organizations. 


I recognize and I hope your organizations appreciate that your contributions help drive real business objectives. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that 85% of you coach your executives on best community practices—and often on other social strategies too. 


In our own Lithium Community, we now have over 550 Lithium Certified Community Managers and it’s outstanding what you do on a daily basis. Did you know in 2014 as a group you spent more than 1.8 million minutes, which equates to more than 3.5 years, connecting with fellow members? 


Spend some time learning more from our Community Managers by watching our newly launched “Community Manager Star Spotlight” blog series. Be sure to also check out our Caption This contest and our new #CMAD 2015 badge.


Lastly, if you haven't yet, watch my quick video above to see what else we are doing to celebrate you today and for the rest of the year.


Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!




Rob Tarkoff is President and CEO of Lithium, responsible for strategic direction and corporate vision. 


He joined Lithium in Sept 2011 from Adobe Systems, where he served as Snr VP and General Manager of the Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit.


You can follow him onTwitter: @rtarkoff




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Happy CMAD @rtarkoff and all community managers! The community management certification was highly recommended to me when I first became a community manager, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't taken it.

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Happy CMAD @tolstoshev (Webroot Community Manager)! Thanks for all you do! You're one of very few people I know that has actually been doing legit community management for ten years. 


(@JulieH - Nomination for future Community All Star? ;) )


Great video, Lithium team!

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Wow, has it really been that long - I'm old :)  Thanks @cbuzzitta !

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Great message.  Thanks to all the community managers out there.  But a special shoutout to our own @JulieH who embodies all the values we strive for at Lithium.  Julie you are a true CMAD hero!  Thanks for being part of our team.


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I second that Julie is a super star.. Big up the Julie massive!!
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Adding on to @DayleH  and @Fellsteruk 's comments, kudos to @JulieH for being an amazing CM!

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Happy CMAD to all. Been a pleasure working with many of you!

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 Happy CMAD / Week everyone. Is anyone doing anything to mark the event?

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Happy CMAD to all, it's been a great journey so far. 

Retired Community Manager

Finally catching up on all the great comments after an awesome couple days. The spirit of this community is truly amazing. Working for Lithium, supporting some of the best brands in the world and the continuously blossoming practice of community management = could not ask for a better job. Thanks @DayleH @Fellsteruk and @jchen !


@cbuzzitta @tolstoshev  I'll be in touch! ;)

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