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Happy new year!

We wanted to take a moment to thank YOU, our community members for all the support, content and sharing that happened on the Lithosphere this past year.

There were many conversations that went on in the community, but we wanted to call out some memorable ones here. 2018 brought with it new data privacy concerns with GDPR in Europe, which led to quite a few insightful discussions. You can find a couple of them below:

Toward the end of 2017, JiveX joined us, follow the Tales of a Jive Refugee (Entry 1/Entry 2/Entry 3), we saw the opportunity to relaunch and redesign our community with its first name, the Lithosphere, we saw quite a few events (Lithium Customer Meet-up and World Cup Event - 18th June - London, UK)

...and of course discussions that were weighed in on

...and finally some of our biggest news, the announcement of our merger with Spredfast!

Our community would not be the same without you!

Shout out to our 2018 Top 10!

top 10 contributors 2018.png

@Parshant@TariqGrazitti, @Fellsteruk@VikasB, @JasonHill@VarunGrazitti, @CarolineS@bengarves, @DanK  and @PerBonomi      


And we'd like to shine a special spotlight on our November and December top contributors. who helped us finish off the year so strong. A big "Thank You" to @VarunGrazitti@Parshant, and @JasonHill for your November activity!

top contributors_11-2018.png

@VarunGrazitti, honored contributor, is very active in helping other users. Thank you for your engagement!

@Parshant, honored contributor and habitué of our top kudoed authors. Thank you for your contribution!

@JasonHill, honored contributor, is very active in posting and commenting ideas. Thank you!


December holidays did not stop our contributors participation in the Community.

Here we have our top three for the month of December:

@Parshant , @DanK, and @map_top contributors 12-2018.png

@Parshant, honored contributor, and frequent member of our monthly Top Contributors! Thanks Parshant!

@DanK, honored contributor, thank you for your ideas and comments!

@map_, has been sharing ideas for SMM, thank you for your engageme


2018 was a banner year for Lithium +Spredfast, and we can't wait to see where 2019 brings us in having a lasting impact on how brands view the customer journey.


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Honored Contributor

Well done everyone :) Lets hope 2019 is feature rich and action-packed :) 

Honored Contributor

Congratulations everyone for a great year and looking forward to an amazing 2019.

Honored Contributor

Thanks for all the great contributions to the community throughout 2018. Always something to learn around these parts. Here's to another big year ahead. 



Occasional Advisor

Congratulations everyone :grinning_face:

Occasional Contributor

Congratulations everyone Smiley Happy

Honored Contributor

Congrats everyone! Cat Very Happy

Honored Contributor

Congratulation Everyone for your contributions Smiley Happy  Cheers..!

Honored Contributor

You rock!! Keep up the good work!

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