Top Contributors for April

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This month we had loads of activity! Spring has sprung everyone into action around here. The community is buzzing with new topics. We launched Lithium messaging,  and we launched a beta for Apple Business Chat.  And on your side, you stayed as busy as ever- offering solutions and ideas left and right!


With that, we have our top contributors for April! @VikasB@TariqGrazitti and @CarolineSAprilContrib.png



@VikasB is always quick to add valuable solutions on our community area.  This isn't his first go around at being a top contributor though- we love your consistent activity! 


@TariqGrazitti is yet another frequent nominee for our top contributors. If it could exist, Tariq could be mayor of the Developer Discussion Board. We appreciate your constant activity. 


@CarolineS is our new back-to-back champ when it comes to contributing. She is a total rockstar at Meraki and we love watching her succeed, and helping others to do so as well!


Cheers to our top contributors! And have a great May. 



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Woohoo, thanks @KellySull! Always a pleasure to be here. And congrats - and thanks for your help!! - @TariqGrazitti and @VikasB!

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Congrats guys. Really appreciate all your contributions to the community. 



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Congratulations @CarolineS  @VikasB and @TariqGrazitti

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Well done guys :) 

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Thanks, @KellySull and congrats @TariqGrazitti and @CarolineS.  There is much more to learn from you guys. 

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