Top Contributors for February

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Short month doesn’t mean we are short on engagement... 


4 weeks and 3 awesome contributors made our community flourish this month! There was quite a buzz in ideas, discussions, and knowledge base!


Congratulations to @JasonHill@CarolineS, and  @Fellsteruk!





Jason never fails to give us awesome solutions, like this one.  Jason is an exceptional community manager for Bunnings, but we love that he can simultatneously be one of our most active on the community! We appreciate you. 


Caroline- we are so happy to see Meraki getting engrained in our community! Caroline spearheads the online community and its programs at Cisco Meraki and while she posted in our discussion "how to define an active user", she is one herself! We love that you exude the true value behind community. 


Stephen Fell! You continue to wow us with years of partnership and advocacy from the TalkTalk family. You are all over the community and we love it. Your contribution to prodcut ideas, the stars lounge, and discussions is invaluable. 


Thank you for being so loyal to our community!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Congrats to that tremendous trio. 🏆

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Ooh hooray, thanks @KellySull! And congrats (and thanks for your help!) to @JasonHill and @Fellsteruk!

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Thanks for the very generous feedback. And thanks to all the generous contributors to this community who take the time to share their wisdom and experience and knowledge for the benefit of all.



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Well done guys... I really do need a new avatar 🙂