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July is already here! Which means... THE LITHYS ARE ALMOST HERE. 

The Lithys are our annual awards that recognize and honor those going above and beyond in the realm of digital CX. 


I'm super excited about these awards... they are undoubtedly my favorite part of the year. 

BUT before honoring brands who are shining, let's honor some people who shine on the Lithosphere....

Congrats to our top contributors, @Parshant@AbhishekIlindra, and @VikasB!



Parshant is new to the board this month, but not new to the developer discussion- where he is totally dominating! We appreciate you always being willing and able to participate! 

Abhishek, one of our new stars! Abhishek is always bringing new ideas to augment the value that he and others get from visiting the Lithosphere. Ideas, suggestions from all of you make our community, a community! Thanks for your consistent engagement!

Vikas is an honored contributor who is always giving great feedback on our support forums. Thank you for all you do, Vikas!

 Great job, one and all!



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Honored Contributor

 Congrats guys, many thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Honored Contributor

Thanks @KellySull and Congratulations to @Parshant and  @VikasB

Honored Contributor

Thank you guys. Thank u @KellySull.

Congrats you too @AbhishekIlindra

Congratulations @VikasB




Khoros Staff

Congrats @Parshant @AbhishekIlindra & @VikasB!!  Thank you so much for your contributions to the Lithosphere and all Lithium customers. 🙂

Honored Contributor

@LarryI, Thank u so much.

Honored Contributor

Congratulations everyone! Great to see everyone coming together to make this a great place 🙂

Honored Contributor

Congrats @Parshant and great to see you here on top of the list and amazing community engagement since last couple of months.

Congrats @AbhishekIlindra


Honored Contributor

Congratulations guys!! 

Very awesome! And since we worm so close together, to @Parshant @VikasB, thank you for all you do!!

Honored Contributor

Thank you @Wendy_S. Smiley Wink


New Commentator

Fierce competition! Well done guys.

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