Top Contributors for May

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May has come and gone and we seem to be approaching the 2nd part of the year quickly! Thank you so much for your continual contribution. It makes this community, a community. Where peers can connect and engage with, and assist one another. 

No surprise here... we have some AWESOME people this month who have won our top contributors. Congratulations to @JasonHill@TariqGrazitti, and @CarolineS

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Jason, among others is a back-to-back winner! He is a VIP on our community and a newly named Rockstar. He's contributed loads on the community , is double certified, and runs the show these days on our product discussion boards. You rock, Jason! 

Tariq is also a frequent solutions author, racking up the kudos left and right! everyone values your input and suggestions, Tariq! 

Caroline has been a community member only for a short amount of time, but has made the leaderboard ever since! This is not her first go-around with community, and we are so thankful for her!


Great work everyone. Hoping June is another engaged month!




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Oh, neato! Congrats, ya'll! 

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Thanks @KellySull. Can't believe the year is disappearing so fast! 


Thanks to all contributors on the community. Always good stuff to learn around here. 

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