Top Contributors for October!

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With the close of the spooky season, we want to award our top contributors for the month of October! These masters of kudos know their stuff and are always giving great insight on our community.


Being some of our number 1 fans, you can spot these users listening to our latest Spotify playlist, tuning into webcasts, and checking out all the new updates to Lithium.


Let’s give a round of applause to our top contributors @MarkAtTruth, @MichaelP, and @VikasB!

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Mark is one of our very trusted contributors. He always gives great insight and is at the top of our list with 155 kudos of activity!


Michael Puhala knows all things Lithium and is always lending a helping hand for other users to understand content. Thanks for always starting the convo!


Vikas is one of our honored contributors and is never shy to give a kudo to a well-deserved user. With 83 activity posts, he earned our 3rd spot on “top kudoed”!


Thank you to all our users for always keeping the conversations flowing and for supporting our community! …who will be our top’s next month? Stay tuned!

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Congrats to all the top contributors. It takes time and effort and I am sure they certainly like when they get positive feedback. 

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Big numbers! Well done guys. Thanks for sharing.



Honored Contributor

I see all the new faces here, so big congratulations to all the new top stars 🙂 Well deserved guys.

Honored Contributor

Congrats to all the top contributors.

Honored Contributor

Congrats to all the Top Contributors Smiley Happy

Honored Contributor

Congrats guys 🙂 

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Congrats guys 🙂 well deserved.

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A few months back, I just started to participate in lithium community. Everyone starts out the same way. **bleep** at what they do. You learn, and you improve, and you make tiny little changes every day to become better. That’s how every artist, writer, founder, scientist, developer, and designer built their careers. But today nice to see the name here in the list.  I would suggest participating whoever interested to gain the knowledge about the well-groomed lithium platform as here everyone comes with the new and different problems, solutions and ideas.
Thanks and congratulations @MarkAtTruth @MichaelP

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Wow that was unexpected @NicoleBr. Thanks.  Who's 4th since @MichaelP is an employee, I think they deserve recognition as well.


I have always thought that it is beneficial to work on mutualistic symbiotic relationships with online communities.  As a Jive-X customer I see a real opportunity to make Lithium great by leveraging the best of both worlds.  Thanks for the opportunity . Cheers to the future!


@VikasB and @MichaelP Congrats as well! 



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