Top Contributors for September


September kicked in with many exciting news: Lithium and Spredfast merged, and the future of Customer Engagement will change!

A big thank you also to our top three most kudoed authors for the month of September:

@Parshant, @Warren_Brill , and @Fellsteruk

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@Parshant, honored contributor, thank you for your insights and your engagement (with more than 200 replies)!

@Fellsteruk, honored contributor, not new to the top three! Thanks for your ideas and cooperation. 

@Warren_Brill, honored contributor, is very active posting and commenting ideas! Thank you. 

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Honored Contributor

Definitely three luminaries around here! Thanks for sharing such wisdom guys.  



Honored Contributor

 Congratulations to the experts for enlighting us always 🙂 

Honored Contributor
Thanks, always a pleasure to spend time on here, I learn more than I share...
Occasional Advisor

Congratulations to everyone Smiley Happy

Honored Contributor

Thanks @ValeriaC, Thanks everyone.

Congratulations @Warren_Brill , and @Fellsteruk

Waited for so long to see this post.

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