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Top Five Myths of Social Marketing ROI

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Top 5 Myths_FINAL.png

Okay, it's time to break some myths.


We all know digital has become a way of life. Today’s customer is digital and moves fluidly among multiple touchpoints, each with a different path to purchase. They expect, however, to find your brand online at their convenience, when and where they want it (we all check our phones as automatically as we breathe).


They don’t trust your brand and instead will read reviews or go on community boards to learn more about your brand. Social marketing has evolved from brands having a Facebook page where no one really understood how it made sense for business, to the entire marketing strategy revolving around branded on-domain communities and social interactions with customers.


The challenge has been how to measure social marketing’s ROI. While social is captivating and engaging at the end of the day a social marketing campaign has to drive revenue. Or does it?


Senior executives want proof that what you do in social creates impact beyond just a lift in brand reputation. Marketers aren’t convinced. They get excited by things like reputation, likes, clicks and engagement. Just as marketing has changed, the way we measure and attribute ROI is also changing, which has many marketers caught in a strange no man’s land of ROI.


We say it’s time to break some myths about social marketing ROI and unleash your social program’s deeper value.


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