Top Kudoed Authors January 2019


The month of January is always a busy time as we kick off the new year, and our Community gave us a glimpse of these new initiatives and activities to come.

We announced our Spredfast + Lithium London Summit, which will be held on the 3rd of April, and we celebrated Community Manager Appreciation Day.

And of course, we had our top three most kudoed authors for the month of January!

Our compliments go to:

@Parshant , @Fellsteruk , @JasonHill!

top contributors_01-2019.png


@Parshant , honored contributor, thank you for your ongoing efforts and help on the Community!

@Fellsteruk , honored contributor, thank you for your engagement and ideas!

@JasonHill , honored contributor, thank you for your posts and help!

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Honored Contributor

Good work guys, thanks for all the great discussion.

Honored Contributor

Well done guys, with great company again 🙂 

Honored Contributor

Congratulations guys!

Honored Contributor

Congratulations everyone.

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