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Total Community Helps You Connect, Engage and Understand Your Audience Across Digital

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


Did you know that how customers relate to your brand is fast becoming more of a competitive differentiator than your product and service offerings? Customer experience is the new playing field, regardless of your industry.


Customers not only expect the best price, value, availability, rewards, delivery time, etc.…, they expect you to meet them where they are at all times, and do so in a human, approachable manner. They expect a seamless omni-channel experience with you that makes them feel personally valued. And they, not you, are in charge.


So, how can you scale to meet their expectations?

How can you keep one step ahead of what your customers want so that you are there, waiting, when they realize what they want? Innovation is partly the answer. But what most brands need is a shift in mindset.


That shift is toward what we call Total Community.


It’s a ground-breaking new mindset toward how brands create the ultimate digital customer experience.


In a Total Community mindset, your audience is every single person who touches or interacts with your brand. Customers. Employees. Vendors. Affiliates. It leaves no one out. Now consider the customer journey. For too long, brands have been segmenting ownership of the customer experience. But think of all the people with knowledge of and experience with your products and services that this leaves out. And all the various platforms they are on: branded communities, review sites, social networks, third-party websites, etc.


That’s the vision of a Total Community approach to the customer experience. To identify and enlist the help of anyone who has the expertise to shape the customer experience and in turn, provide the responsiveness that customers expect.


How can you benefit from a Total Community approach?


Click here to download a free white paper that will get you started.

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