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Travel & Hospitality brands need to learn that Twitter is not the only social channel

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


The vacation season is in full flight, but Travel & Hospitality brands seem to be missing connections – at least on social media. In our State of Social Engagement 2016: Travel & Hospitality Edition, we studied eight brands to find out how well they engage travelers on social channels.


The findings are the result of hard numbers plus human analysis that determined engagement, cohesive strategy, content mission/effectiveness, storytelling and collaboration with influencers. While a few excelled, most failed to respond quickly to customer’s posts, focused solely on Twitter, and provided more entertainment and beautiful educational content than direction and support.


Other insights include:

  • Airbnb, Marriot and Uber had the highest engagement on online communities
  • As to be expected, most of the brands are using beautiful images and videos with United and Expedia excelling on Instagram
  • Most Travel & Hospitality brands focus on education and entertainment content vs support content; Airbnb has the most support content


Travelers want more on social, and brands need to step up. Travel & Hospitality brands must mature as well as be available and responsive using an integrated digital strategy.


Here at Lithium, we tell our customers that a fully-integrated digital strategy is key to making social the place where customers find and connect with you. It drives loyalty and increases customer satisfaction.


Want to see who is doing social engagement best, and learn how you can do it better?


Download the full report here and view the full infographic here.


To dive even deeper, read "The Social Customer Service Playbook: The Most Vital Metrics & How to Interpret Their Impact" to learn how to measure the impact of social on customer experience. Plus, find out which performance metrics the top Travel & Hospitality brands are tracking.