True Irony: Artificial intelligence creating a humanized experience

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The irony of this world today is that we have the opportunity to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a humanized customer experience. It’s a no-brainer: the digital world is creating a new standard for customer experiences.




With the evolution of AI, the new question on the table is: “how do I best utilize it in marketing, sales and customer experience?” rather than, “why is this necessary?” Manual profiling of customers is something companies don’t have the bandwidth for, nor is it an effective dedication of time. Technology is doing the legwork for us these days on how to better know and understand customers. The next step is to configure how we understand and act on those findings.


Many people theorize on AI. The future is boundless. We’ve already seen immense value from AI. It is omnipresent- SIRI, Alexa, Amazon advertising, Spotify recommendations, speech recognition- you name it.


However, a huge question people are asking is, “where will AI take us?” But the better question is, “where will we take AI in how we create effective marketing and an exceptional customer experience?”


AI in marketing:

  • Targeted advertising- tracking sites you’ve visited and advertising on those sites across the web
  • Customer segmentation- leveraging data on customers and using that data to make marketing predictions
  • Content & personalization suggestions- “if you like this book, you may also like…”
  • Marketing automation- using behavioral data to deliver relevant content at scale


AI in customer experience:

  • Issue routing- quantifying an issue and directing it to the right area of a business
  • Issue escalation- prioritizing issues in the support queue
  • Customer support assistance- delivering information based on former transactions with customer to better identify their needs, & issues
  • Bots- leveraging automated bots to support easy/less complicated customer service inquiries


AI in your company:

  • You tell us!

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