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VIDEO: A few minutes with our ‘Sage of Social Strategy’

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

One of the things I love about working at Lithium, the smart people all around me.


Dave Evans, is no exception. Dave leads social strategy and measurement workshops for Lithium customers. He is a smart guy, I like to call him a ‘Sage of Social Strategy’.


Unfortunately he is in our Austin office, so I don’t see him every day of the week, but I recently got to sit down with Dave and ask him a few questions about what he is up to these days and what he is excited about this year.


He explained more about the focus this year on Social Customer care, and what we can do to help brands provide better service to their customers, including how to build and leverage advocates of the brand, pulling them closer to the brand and use them as a valuable resource.


Check out this quick video of the man himself:

You can download Dave’s white paper for his Top 3 tips for building brand advocates.