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VIDEO: Master Social Lead Generation & Social Response Certification with Dave Evans

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Join Dave in his Social Response Certification course on Monday, June 1st! Learn about Lithium’s technology, study examples of great use cases, and be ready to apply your knowledge! You can expect to walk away with a fresh, new roadmap for efficient and effective customer engagement and response.


I’m especially excited for Dave’s Social Lead Generation breakout session, hosted on Wednesday morning. This is all about getting ahead of the game and picking up on conversations before they become parts of the sales cycle. Dave has some great tips for leveraging web conversations into measurable business leads.


Dave looks forward to LiNC all year because of the interaction with customers. We relish the chance to learn from the best of class cases and engage with the people responsible for these results. Dave is so excited to see our energetic customers and, particularly, our Lithy Award winners!


Can't wait to meet you June 1st!  Here’s our chat with Dave Evans, VP of Social Strategy: 



If you're interested in attending these sessions, make sure to register here


 DayleH.jpgDayle Hall is the VP of Brand & Digital Marketing for Lithium. He is responsible for the visual representation of the brand, including all digital properties such as, Lithium community and social media channels.   Dayle is a marketing executive with 17+ years experience across all marketing disciplines.  Prior to joining Lithium, he led Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications at Aruba Networks where he developed the industry leading community of Wi-Fi technical advocates, Airheads Social.  He has also held multiple marketing roles at Cisco and Oracle. Follow him on twitter @marinadazza



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