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Video + Tipsheet: Handle the Surge to Social

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

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 In case you were unable to join us for our COVID-19 Marketing Strategy & Community Moderation webinar, we wanted to provide you with a full recording here, and if you're more of a reader, check out our quick Tips to Handle the Surge to Social tipsheet here.

Social Marketers, Community Managers, and Digital Care professionals around the globe are facing an unprecedented challenge to adapt their strategies in the wake of COVID-19. Fortunately, the Khoros Strategic Services Team has provided actionable strategies to understand how to best tailor your content and community management approach for customers and audiences during the COVID-19 crisis.

We discussed: 

  • Best practices related to community moderation across social channels
  • How to anticipate customer needs in relation to marketing strategy
  • Crisis management and listening best practices
  • Things to consider when planning your content calendar
  • What notable brands in the industry are already doing