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Volume 3: Accelerate Brand Awareness & Reach Holistically

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

No matter how much content marketers collect, the questions stays true, “how do I raise my brand awareness”? Lucky for you, we’ve got the 4-1-1 on how to engage your target audience in Volume 3 of “The Social Marketing Spectrum: Tools & Tactics to Take You to the Top!” 


Our Volume 3 topic is: Accelerate Brand Awareness & Reach Holistically.


Brands that stand out above the rest have a solid framework using paid, earned, shared and owned social. When reaching your target audience, incorporate these key tips:


  • Paid Social Content: Pay for content that will effectively reach your audience
  • Earned Social Content: Catch the attention by word of mouth exposure
  • Owned Social Content: Create your own content
  • Shared Social Content: Bringing peer to peer or UGC content together


When perfecting your outreach plan, there are a few things to consider. Brands should integrate their social technology to manage the paid component side, for example a paid-ad automation tool such as Brand Networks. This will enable marketers to schedule and analyze paid ads alongside organic content.


Another thing to consider is monitoring and boosting your best organic content. Marketers can get more ROI if they expand their horizons with paid organic content. For example, once your organic content reaches a certain threshold, it will automatically promote itself.


And finally, the best tip for accelerating brand awareness is publishing with the 5 W’s in mind. Become a story teller and bring your customers into your world by keeping these tips in mind:


  • Who: When you get to know your audience through data, you’ll be better prepared to respond with context.
  • What: With two million blog posts alone written EVERY DAY, a content recommendation solution can do the heavy lifting for you.
  • When: Stop playing the content strategy guessing game, and start using data to tell you when to post instead.
  • Where. Once you’ve targeted the right consumers with the right content, focus on publishing in the right channel, on the preferred device, in an authentic way.
  • Why: It’s more important than ever to improve content relevance, authenticity and maximizing its reach.


A great storyteller who incorporates the 5 W’s as well as our other tips & tricks is Covered California. This company makes the first move by telling their story with customers who had reached out to them on media platforms. These interactions led to creating 3 “Real Stories” videos where customers shared how Covered California positively impacted their lives. The team utilized Lithium Social Media Management (SMM) for Marketing to schedule, approve and publish the videos during the six-day long campaign. Their results were incredible: reaching more than 1.4 million people in 6 days, 4,370 likes, 476 comments and 923 shares.


When asking our featured guest from Forrester, Erna Alfred Liousas, what she thought on the topic of “Accelerate Brand Awareness & Reach Holistically” she said,


“Brands can make an even stronger presence and contribute to a larger holistic presence for their customers if they merge organic marketing and paid advertising on social.l”


That’s a wrap for Volume 3: “The Social Marketing Spectrum: Tools & Tactics to Take You to the Top!” Tune in next week for our final chapter to close out an amazing webcast series!