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Volume 4: Tie Together People, Processes, and Technology

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Got the Monday  blues? We’re back to pull you out of those gloomy feels with Volume 4 of our blog series “The Social Marketing Spectrum: Tools & Tactics to Take You to the Top!” 


Kicking off Volume 4, we have the last, but most definitely not least, topic: “Tie Together People, Processes, and Technology.” Having the right social, technology and people is essential to becoming a trusted marketing leader.


Lucky for us, we got the low down from marketing’s best @dayleH on the most efficient way to execute smart campaign and content strategies:

  • People: Combine hiring the right talent and using the best data insight that works best with all divisions of your marketing team. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Process: Adopt a performance driven mentality by fine tuning your processes of listening, gathering, analyzing and improving data.
  • Technology: Data, data, data! It’s important to feed your data into your marketing automation system and tools to integrate at scale, as well as optimize campaigns.


Now onto things you may want to consider, leveraging everything you’ve learned!

  • Data: Don’t fight it- use it to tie your social strategy together! It can be a huge asset in allowing you to troubleshoot tactics, adjust strategies, prove ROI with metrics etc.
  • Planning: Another thing that marketers often run away from, but having a plan in place with the right stakeholders can put you a step ahead of the game!
  • Customer Journey: Being aware of what your customers are facing from marketing and support teams can help you acquire, serve and grow your customer base. The customer is an everyday, everybody job.


A great representation of a company who is stellar at incorporating people, technology and process is Alteryx! They use SMM to their advantage to discover relevant content that will resonate with their viewers, effectively and efficiently.

They have seen exponential success such as:

  • 5x growth in views of solution-based community content
  • Reduction in support case volume while maintaining high satisfaction scores across channels
  • Twitter Engagements and Impressions are up 150%


When asking our featured guest from Forrester, Erna Alfred Liousas, what she thought on the topic of “Tie Together People, Processes, and Technology,” she said,

“Think from the people perspective, who on the team has the skills they need in order to meet the goals they’ve set forth, and what process do they have in place to accomplish those goals? Then it comes time to talk about strategy where technology comes into play.”


That’s a rap for this webcast and blog series folks! Thanks for following us and from one marketing squad to the next, we hope these tips and tricks have benefited you. Now go out there and deliver your very best digital CX!


Be sure to register for our next webcast with @DaveEv : How to Stand Out on Social Media in the World of E-commerce on August 29th at 11 AM PT!