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Watson, things are afoot...!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

lithoupdate2.pngAnd indeed things are afoot!  I'd like to take the chance to update you on some new developments which are in the works on Lithosphere coming at you very quickly.  In the very near future you are going to see a big change to Lithosphere - new functionality, features, information and a new look.


We wanted to take full advantage of all the great features available in the Lithium Social CRM platform, especially since the roll out of v9.8.

lithoupdate3.pngSo Lithosphere will be running the full suite of Lithium community applications and that means you, our customers, community managers and superusers, can see first hand how they all work. We do have some demo sites available for you, but there is nothing like using the product with 'real data' in your everyday tasks.

We will still be offering Forums, Blogs and Ideas as we have always done, but rolling out later this month will be:

- Tribal Knowledgebase featuring product documentation, admin guides and more
- Details of all our great, free-of-charge, education offerings, also in the TKB so you can give us feedback and comments on the content
- A new Support area - building on the notion of Litho-Cases
- Twitter integration
- Mobile interface

- An area for our new Beta programs

- and a very new user interface look (some screen shots of which I have included in this post in terms of a teaser!)

lithoupdate1.pngOnce Lithosphere rolls out, I will be documenting it's implementation in a set of posts describing how it was constructed - hopefully showing how we can build a great looking and functioning community virtually out of the box. 


And that is sort of the point for us - the Lithosphere is our resource to help you with our product platform, but it should also be a reflection of that in how it is constructed. 

We hope you like it!


Watch for our launch announcement coming soon. As always, please let me know if you have any insights, questions or thoughts, by posting a comment below.

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