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We Are Khoros

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Customers are the heart and soul of every business. They guide the decisions we make, the products we build and how we sell them. They’re why we exist.

In today’s market, customers expect more from you than ever. They want to connect with you when they need you, and they don’t care how your systems work or how your teams are siloed. They demand their voices be heard, and heard in real time. Meanwhile, you and your colleagues across the hall might be working with the same customer but you’re all working independently in different systems, so those interactions get lost in disparate workflows—untapped capital your business has never been able to unlock.

What if you could unlock those interactions to create better relationships? What if it was easy for everyone within your company’s four walls to know your customer better—to not just deliver but exceed their expectations?

That’s true customer engagement. And it’s no longer optional—it’s table stakes.

As marketers and care agents, you are now uniquely empowered—and expected—to bring human connection into every digital interaction.

This doesn’t just require new technology, it requires a new way of thinking. Since our merger, we’ve been hard at work building the right tools and strategies to help you win in an increasingly disconnected digital world.

We are a company built on customer success. That’s why today I’m thrilled to announce Spredfast and Lithium are now: Khoros.

Khoros is the Greek word for chorus. In ancient Greece, the chorus was the group in a play who connected directly with the audience to deliver color, context, and counsel, making sense of the action on stage around them. They were the truth-tellers, the advice-givers, the melody-makers in a dissonant world.

Let us be that for you.

You work best when technology is built to meet your most pressing challenges. With Khoros, you can engage with customers where they are and carry on authentic conversations across platforms, bridging the divide between marketing and care.

Customers are the guiding light for every business and you, our community, are no different. At Khoros, we look forward to partnering with all of you as we shape the next phase of customer engagement together.