We Perked the Heck Out of 2014

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As we wrap up 2014, we feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with over 300 world-leading brands on successful Klout Perks campaigns. Klout Perks enable brands to easily generate earned media through powerful content creation.


Brands have leveraged Klout to enhance their product launches, special promotions and events to name a few use cases by targeting social influencers who organically become their top brand ambassadors. We identify the influencers that matter, and they create the user generated content that catapults a brand’s marketing efforts even further.


We’re so proud of all the Perk Campaigns in 2014, but here are a few standout campaigns with amazing results. Our Top 5 Klout Perks Campaigns for 2014 are:


1) Red Bull/Destiny: 20 Perks, Reaches Millions

To create awareness and buzz around Destiny, a game four years in the making, Activision partnered with Klout on a buzz-generating Perk. To celebrate the launch, 20 lucky influencers were Perked with a copy of Destiny and three cans of Red Bull to help fuel their gameplay, all packaged in a beautiful kit. Although the number of selected influencers was relatively low compared to other Perk campaigns, the highly targeted nature of the audience generated 177 million impressions, a reach of 3 million, and 18,000 pieces of content, of which one Instagram post (featured below) pulled in an amazing 18K+ likes.  



 2) Moe’s Southwest Grill: Happy Cinco de Moe’s!

The Moe’s team needed to build buzz around their new Spicy Guac and drive engagement around their annual Cinco de Moe’s event in an effort to extend reach and create brand ambassadors. They brought Klout on-board to target 100 influencers who engage on social about burritos and spicy food topics. To the influencers’ delight, they received kits filled with branded Cinco de Moe’s t-shirts, sports bottles, headbands, and Moe’s gift cards to share with friends and family. Influencers visited a Moe’s location on Cinco de Moe’s and shared their excitement on social channels, which culminated in over 10,000 pieces of content, 18.5 million impressions, and over 8 million in reach, thereby meeting—and exceeding-- their campaign objectives. This is a great example of extending a holiday celebration on social and finding more brand ambassadors.


“Partnering with Klout is an incredible way for us to build overall engagement, extend customer reach and easily measure results around our social media campaigns. Klout has made it easy for us to directly connect with our socially influential customers.” -Lauren Barash, Sr. Director of Marketing


blog_top5kp_COD.png3) Call of Duty: Advanced Social Power

Call of Duty partnered with Klout to drive its campaign goals of creating awareness and buzz around the launch of the latest title in the storied first-person shooter video game series, Advanced Warfare, with the casual gamer segment. This was the most anticipated video game launch of the year, and by partnering with Klout, Call of Duty was able to reach influencers it didn’t normally engage with and offer them an exciting opportunity to be a part of the launch. 

By participating in multiple Call of Duty "missions", fans were able to claim various Perks, ranging from branded merchandise, exclusive behind-the-scenes digital albums, to the grand prize of an exclusive visit to the game’s developer in San Francisco. Approximately 2,000 influencers participated, creating over 133 million impressions, with a reach of 33.3 million, and nearly 21,000 pieces of content generated, all contributing to the most talked about video game launch of the year.


4) Fair Trade USA: Celebrating October Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade USA, the non-profit that helps farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively impact their communities, partnered with Klout to raise awareness and celebrate Fair Trade Month in October. 1,000 delighted influencers were Perked with Fair Trade certified items including a prAna tote bag, Celestial Seasonings tea, BarkTHINS, Larabar, DangFoods chocolate-covered coconut chips, Near East quinoa, and Steaz tea. Fair Trade USA’s mission to improve lives and strengthen communities around the world was organically communicated through their influencers’ voices in the social world—through tweets and posts to Facebook and Instagram about Fair Trade Month. This successful Perk generated over 6,603 pieces of content, 43.6 million impressions, and 17.6 million in reach…and counting!



blog_top5kp_hulu.png5) Hulu: A Sneak Peek Perk Into East Los High

Klout partnered with Hulu to generate conversations leading up to the Season 2 premiere of Hulu’s East Los High, a drama set around an inner city school in East LA described as “not your typical high school”.


Over 800 social influencers received an exclusive sneak preview of Season 2 and tweeted and posted on Facebook and Instagram their excitement through 73,000 pieces of content. The campaign was a resounding success, reaching nearly 17 million and generating great buzz (and 402 million impressions!) through earned media.


Not your typical high school…not your typical Perk!



That’s a wrap for ’14 highlights. We’re working on more awesome Perks for the New Year, and we look forward to partnering with even more brands to reach their campaign goals in '15!

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