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Webcast Featuring Yahoo! and TELUS - Nov. 12

Lithium Alumni (Retired)













In the rapidly evolving world of social customer service, companies want to learn from those who went before to make sure they are as efficient as possible.

Join us for a roundtable discussion featuring Lithium Social Web customers who have unique perspectives on the high-volume and always visible social customer service function. They’ve lived through the social (r)evolution and have come out on the other side.

Learn from Yahoo! And TELUS – become a social leader in your organization and help shape your social strategy for the long-haul.


Sign up for the interactive webinar and learn:

·         How Yahoo! and TELUS evolved their social customer service departments

·         How they define social success to management

·         What they’d do differently in hindsight

·         Tips for embarking on your own social journey


Grab a seat for the webinar on Wednesday, November 12 at 11 am PT. Hear how Lithium Social Web is at the heart of Yahoo! and TELUS' social transformations.