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Webcast: How to Deliver Better Customer Service with a Social CRM

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

When you’re on the phone with customer service, don’t you hate being transferred to agent after agent, requiring you to repeat your identification and the issue you’re calling about? Your customers hate it, too - according to a survey by [24]7,  77% cited that their top frustration with customer service is the lack of context and customer history, causing them to start over each time they reached out to the brand regardless of the channel.




In an era where 89% of brands expect to compete mostly on customer experience, understanding customer context has become a must-have for delivering great customer service, not a nice-to-have. Today, most brands see their customers as one dimensional, a CRM record, a transaction. They need to see the behavioral and social aspects of their customers, the human element, in order to create meaningful relationships with them.


How do you bring these elements together? Transform your CRM into a hub for all customer data and interactions. What you get is a social CRM solution that empowers customer care agents to deliver better customer experiences with a more streamlined case management process.


OCtober 26 Webcast.png


Join us for an upcoming webcast, “Seamless Customer Service with a Social CRM,” where @JeffSp, VP of Product Management, and I break it down. In this webcast, you will learn:


  • How to integrate data across all systems to create a shared customer profile
  • How to leverage customer history and context to deliver personalized experiences
  • How we integrate with two top CRM providers, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to create a seamless flow of data between Lithium and the CRM.


Tune in on Wednesday, October 26th at 10AM PDT.


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