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Webcast recap: 5 key gamification strategies for better customer engagement

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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Gamification is hard. A lot of gamification efforts fail due to poor program design. That's why it's been an up and down journey for gamification - it hasn't always lived up to its promise, whether due to cynicism or displacement by other technologies.




While it now seems to be just another tool for digital marketers and table stakes for most mobile apps, it continues to provide substantial, long-term, value for communities that get it right. And getting it right means asking the right questions, which is exactly what James Butler, of Vodafone and Lithium's Xavier Jimenez (@XavierJ) did during our recent Gamification webcast. They also delivered some great answers; like how in a matter of months Vodofone was able to use gamification to nurture two super-users, who quickly provided more value to the community than the cost of the gamification module itself.


So, what are the 5 strategies for sustaining engagement? You can find out by viewing the webcast on-demand below and you can download a PDF version of slides too. See what I did there? I used motivation and reward to drive behavior. BOOM!


If you have any questions for James, Xavier or your community peers, please ask them here and join the conversation. I'll get us started with a question that was asked, but not answered on the webcast: What specific metrics should brands track to better understand their gamification efforts?

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