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Webcast's Key Insights: 5 Ways to Win with Digital Customer Experience

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Jaime Perez (@jaimealberto), MicroStrategy’s VP of WW Customer Success Operations, joined Lithium’s Chief Community Officer, Joe Cothrel (@JoeC) to discuss how companies can better compete and win with Digital Customer Experience. MicroStrategy recently celebrated the first birthday of their Community, and as a business intelligence and analytics company, their partnership with Lithium helps them leverage customer data for better customer experiences.




The webcast kicked off discussing an issue that every business is confronting: how can we meet the rising expectations of customers? Customers are now able to create their own experiences across different digital properties and they expect brands to meet them where they are at all times. In order for brands to keep up, they'll need to connect, engage and understand their audience across the entire digital landscape. The question again, is how?


Here’s how. Using a Total Community approach helps companies identify and enlist the help of anyone who has the expertise to shape the customer experience. It’s not just peer-to-peer support, but includes customer care agents, influencers and internal experts (employees, vendors and affiliates) to provide answers, solutions and advice on the spot, no matter where they are to create consistent, excellent, customer experiences across the web.


To better understand why this matters, let’s break down Joe’s five principles of Total Community:




  1. Activate the Crowd:Trust your customers and reward their participation. Always try to stay a step ahead of the customers’ needs.
  2. Understand Your Customer: Leverage the data your customers are giving you, because there’s a ton of it! Customers are willing to share more and more of their interests and preferences.
  3. Expand the Front Line: There are a few key tricks to this: Tap into the broader organization, expand service hours, and take difficult issues to the experts. First, filter the information, and then direct it to the right specialist.
  4. Integrate and Extend: Take community beyond the tab – bring it in through CRM, mobile, your own app, and even 3rd party communities and social networks.
  5. Execute for Outcomes: Numbers matter. Provide empirical business results and value analytics, benchmark your performance, and revisit your strategy. Lastly, if the data isn’t readily available, ask for it!


Want more insights?

  • You can view the webcast on-demand-- we’re making it available right here in the community.


But wait—the conversation continues…

While webcasts allow for real-time Q&A, in the spirit of Total Community, we’d like to  extend the opportunity for more questions.  (@JoeC) and (@jaimealberto) along with other experts and influencers, are here to answer any follow-up questions you might have. So, please join the conversation by asking your question in the comments section below.






Ask your burning questions to Jaime, Joe, and our other Community members in the comments below!


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