What’s New in LSW: Spotlight on Live Community Page Views and Automated Sentiment Tracking

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What’s New in LSW: Spotlight on Live Community Page Views and Automated Sentiment Tracking


Two great new features that are generating a lot of buzz among our Lithium Social Web (LSW) customers are the live community page views by geo widget and our automated sentiment conversion reporting, both of which provide greater depth and flexibility. These work with our Shared Dashboards and Monitor Wall products, which help you provide visibility across your organization into the impact of social and what your customers are saying about you on social networks.


We provided full release details earlier this summer, but here are some highlights:


Live community page views by geo widget
Geo WidgetIf you have at least one Lithium Community connected to LSW and have the Shared Dashboard or Monitor Wall product, you can add the Real-time Community Page Views widget. This widget enables you to see where page views are occurring around the world.


This can help you troubleshoot when an outage or problem occurs with products/services in a particular region. Customers typically go to the Community to look for information about the problem before tweeting/posting on Facebook or calling the call center. So, with this widget, you’ll be able to see where your community page views are coming from in real-time, helping you pinpoint the location of the problem more quickly.


To learn more, click here for details.


 Sentiment Conversion tracking
Sentiment Conversion
Being able to show how you are converting negative or neutral sentiment to positive, or if positive sentiment is tracking to negative can be crucial in understanding how conversations with customers are going and what impact social is having on customer satisfaction. LSW threads the back and forth communication with your customers into a single conversation, so we can track your customer’s sentiment journey in that conversation. Reporting on this sentiment data to your organization enables you to highlight how your team is doing at converting customers from an unhappy state to a happy one.


We’ve also added sentiment conversion to raw reports, so you can track whether a particular response in a conversation changed the sentiment of the author. With the recent introduction of automated sentiment, customers can let the system track sentiment or Agents can add the appropriate sentiment tag (positive, negative, or neutral) to the post. These sentiment tags are included in the Raw Post and Raw Conversation Export reports, which managers can export to CSV. Another useful feature is the sentiment widgets for shared dashboards and monitor walls. You can choose to show incoming posts broken down by sentiment by area, column and line charts.

To learn more about the details of these features, click here.

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