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What's in a Name?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

I posed a question the other day on the Lithosphere asking how many ranks communities are starting with and how many they have now. Take a look at the post if you want to see what people are saying, but the responses started me thinking about what kinds of impacts the different ranks you create have. As a member you can often choose your moniker, but there's something different about a name that is bestowed upon you by others. What turns a rank you hold into more than just a name, to becoming a measure of status and recognition of the value you contribute? And as a community manager, how do you tap into that process?


It's an vital question, because it lies at the heart of those things we try to foster in our communities: increased activity, appropriate behavior, a positive tone. As a community manager, how do you craft a system of ranks that fosters the behavior you want and that members will embrace?


I'll post my own thoughts in the comments, but what do you think? What ranks, titles and names are you known by in different settings? Which ones are you proud of?

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