Who Rocked the Holidays with #12DaysOfCommunityCheer?

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As we all recover from holiday gatherings and indulgent food and drink (hopefully Santa brought you a Fitbit and some Brooks Running gear!), we’d like to take a moment to share the highlights from our Lithium holiday contest #12DaysOfCommunityCheer, and feature the stellar winning entries, as well as some additional standout submissions.


For 12 business days straight, starting December 8 and ending December 23, we asked “Who’s ready to spread holiday cheer and win some awesome prizes?”


Well, the answer is:

  • Our loyal @LithiumTech followers, community members, and customers
  • Contestants generating 106 entries across Twitter and our Community
  • Community members giving 216 Kudos on contest-related content
  • 12 global winners from 5 different countries


Here’s a look at our impressive winning entries and the prizes for each day’s giveaway:

  • Day 1: Jillian Bejtlich  (@JillianB) of The Community Roundtable won $100 in Brooks Running gear for this entry:


  • Day 2:   Rachel Medanic  (@vampituity) of  CloudPeeps won  a $100 AMC gift card  for this entry:


  • Day 3: Wendy Schippers  (@Wendy_S) of  HP won a Fitbit Charge for this entry:


Wendy Schippers 1.jpg

Wendy Schippers 2.jpg

  • Day 4:  Lili McDonald  (@lilim) of National Instruments won a  $100 eBay gift card for this entry:


  • Day 5: Jason McClellan  (@jasondmcclellan) of won  a  $100 Hilton HHonors gift card for this entry: 


  • Day 6 :  Jason Hill (@JasonHill) of Bunnings won a  $100 LEGO gift card for this entry:


  • Day 7:  Cy Jervis  (@CyJervis)of Cloudera won  $100 in Skype credit for this entry:


  • Day 8: Julie Hamel (@JulieHamel) of Alteryx won  a GoPro Hero  for this entry:


  • Day 9: Varun Luthra (@VarunGrazitti) of  Grazitti Interactive won a $100 Redbubble  e-gift card for this entry: 


  • Day 10: Jillian  Bejtlich @JillianB) of The Community Roundtable won a $100 Airbnb e-gift card for this entry:


  • Day 11:Rachel Medanic (@vampituityof  CloudPeeps and Communituity won a $100  Sephora  e-gift card for this entry:


  • Day 12:  Tawny Pascarella (@tpascarella) of Alteryx  won a $100 BestBuy gift card for this entry:



Our judging panel certainly didn’t have it easy, as the competition was strong with other standout entries each day. Here are some of the top contenders:


Anton Chiang fitbit tweet.jpg


Lara Golden fitbit tweet.jpg

Anton Chiang ebay tweet.jpg

Sheena Hilton tweet.jpg


Desiree tweet BestBuy.jpg


Thanks for playing! We'll see you in the New Year...