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Why LiNC is Like No Other Conference

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


This is my first time experiencing LiNC. You might be thinking, "why the present participle?" And the answer my friend, is because I am in it NOW. I have been helping the team promote LiNC and have gotten to see what goes in to making an incredible event that people from around the globe are flying in for and thrilled to participate in.


From what I can tell, this is a way above par event. It doesn’t end with great speakers and an awesome cover band. It’s not just like any other conference where you go, take notes and slug back to your hotel. We are creating an experience that is out of this world ...with lots of things I can’t tell you, but let me say, you are in for a surprise.


The energy in the office is palpable as the days count down to LiNC and we wanted to capture it in writing to share and spread the excitement to everyone else. Get ready!


“I am most excited about getting to know the media and influencers who follow Lithium—what interests them about us, how they see our market evolving, and who else in this space is worth knowing more about.” @EricB  


"This is my first LiNC as an employee of Lithium and it’s interesting to see all the work and thought that goes into the event.  LiNC was one of the big reasons I wanted to join team Lithium. I'll let you all in on a little secret, this year is going to be the best. Event. Yet." @DayleH 


“I love wearing aqua blue corporate t-shirts with my suit. 

Bringin’ the South Beach style to the West Coast.” @DavidJ  


“I’m excited to see what it all will look like live onsite. We feel really good about the event design. We’re going to rock it.” @Katie-B  


“This is my third LiNC and every year we raise the bar higher. And, it’s unlike any other conference that I’ve attended. Ultimately, what makes LiNC so great is how much energy and excitement our customers and partners bring to the experience – they’re so stoked.” @RichRe  


“This is my 7th LiNC. I was there for the very first one when it was just 80 people in a conference room over at the Woodfin Hotel in Emeryville, which doesn’t even exist anymore. I'm amazed at just how far we’ve come, and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends and meeting new ones as well.” @Ei-LunY 


“I’m excited to see it all come together. I think people will be excited about the overall experience and I’m proud of that.” @JaredC 


“I look forward to seeing all the customers. I’ve worked with many of them and get to celebrate all the progress they're making working with Lithium. I’m also looking forward to the Wednesday night event at the Fillmore with Mustache Harbor and a well-earned cocktail.” @DeniseJ