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Your Guide to Social Media Listening

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Previously posted on on Mar 29, 2010


With so many vendors selling social media monitoring applications, there’s definitely a sea of choices — some fitting certain companies and needs more than others. So how do you choose? As a vendor, we can run our own review, but that’s not nearly as valuable as an independent review.


That’s why we were thrilled to see, Jeff Esposito’s blog post “Picking a new social media monitoring service”. Jeff’s a PR pro and has done his homework, researching half a dozen vendors.


Jeff embarked on this research while searching for a new vendor. Previously, he’d been spending 10 hours a week manually setting sentiment for his brand with another vendor. Yes, you read that correctly 10 hours a week— and that doesn’t even include diving into competitive data!


Ultimately, Jeff went with Scout Labs for our automated sentiment, collaboration features and his ability to easily research and compare competitors.


One of the takeaways I got from Jeff’s review is how well Scout Labs scales in comparison to many of the other vendors. We offer multiple users from Day 1, unlimited results returned and are so easy of use. Scout Labs is a great (and affordable) choice for everyone from the mom and pop shops to Fortune 100 companies looking to dive deep into industry, brand and competitive analysis.


Don’t forget to check out his post, and while you’re at it, take at look at Jenny’s excellent blog post on Advanced Questions that you Should be Asking your Brand Monitoring Vendor.